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Literature & Products

During virtual meetings, it may be of particular interest to look more deeply into the publications and products related to the conference program. Following, we offer several sources where you can search and download relevant literature and products about long-term forest monitoring and related topics.

Proceedings from FORECOMON 2021

Publication data base from ICP Forests

Publications and products from the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL

Publication data base from the Swiss Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research (LWF)


Selected publications hot of press

ICP Forests Brief No 4: Increased evidence of nutrient imbalances in forest trees across Europe forestsby Krüger I, Sanders TGM, Potočić N, Ukonmaanaho L, Rautio P

How to balance forestry and biodiversity conservation – A view across Europeby Krumm F (Ed.), Schuck A (Ed.), Rigling A (Ed.)

Forest Monitoring to assess Forest Functioning under Air Pollution and Climate Change - FORECOMON 2021 – The 9th Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Conference, 7–9 June 2021 WSL, Birmensdorf, Switzerland, Proceedingsby Schaub M, Vesterdal L, De Vos B, Ukonmaanaho L, Fleck S, SchwärzelK, Ferretti M


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