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Special Issue in Frontiers

We are offering the opportunity to showcase your research in a special issue on Forest Monitoring to assess Forest Functioning under Air Pollution and Climate Change with Frontiers in Forests and Global Change

Contributions should be related to the scope of FORECOMON 2021 – The 9th Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Conference and emphasize long-term forest monitoring series, leading to a better understanding of the climate change and air pollution effects on European forest ecosystems.

We welcome contributions of novel modeling and remote sensing approaches, fusion of long-term data series with models and integrated assessments of long-term trends, from local scale to continental, hemispherical and global scale, to provide the state of the art on air pollution and climate effects on forests and related ecosystem services.

In terms of contributions, research papers, opinion papers as well as data papers on mechanistic observational studies (short- and long-term), experimental manipulative studies (either under controlled facilities or in the field) are welcome.

Contributions from the UNECE International Cooperative Programmes, ICOS, eLTER, Drought-Net, International Tree Mortality Network and from national/regional networks such as National Forest Inventories or TreeNet are particular welcome. The collection of selected contributions will be summarized and integrated in a review paper, led by the guest editors Dr. Marcus Schaub, Prof. Arthur Gessler, and Dr. Marco Ferretti.

Submission deadlines
20 May 2021     Abstract
15 July 2021     Manuscript

The review process will start upon your manuscript submission.

For more information, please access the online submission portal.

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